This Is the Kind of Fun You Can Have IRL

By Jake • General Life, And Other Such Crap • 3 Jun 2009

So, I’ve been making a point lately to get AWAY from my computer. I found that I have let the online world take a little to much of my time.

I did something strange the other day. I went to the beach and did absolutely nothing. We just hung out. Chilled. No pressure to do anything or try and make fun happen. Just relaxing and enjoying being with each other.

Now at the same time, I don’t want to completely abandon this digital life style I have created. Im trying to find a healthy balance.

Any thoughts? Tips? Are you going through the same thing? Let me know what you think below.

OH, and I need to clarify something here: Jordan is a great guy. The bottle was in the way (and you cant see his mouth) but he was actually laughing and playing along. No need to worry about my personal safty.


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  1. Jake, you are definitely on a good path… this thing called real life is actually quite amazing 😉 You’ll find it actually takes a little bit of work (i.e. getting your butt off the computer and to the beach), but that little bit of work, as you have found, usually gets overwhelmingly rewarded with “sweet nothings.” May your future be filled with many, many more of these experiences… and the time to get online and tell us all about them 😉

    • Thanks Jonathan! It can be hard to make the change (especially when your identity gets wrapped up in it), but its totally worth it.

  2. The way the internet enhances your social life, rather than detracts from it, is by doing things like going to the beach during the day and going out with your friends at night – and then using the internet as a way to communicate to your online friends afterwards about what you’ve done and what you’re doing. The best “social” time is to go out at night with your friends and then drop by to talk to your online friends for awhile before you go to sleep. Don’t ever let online life overwhelm you. Don’t ever do something like “not go out” because you’d rather chat to somebody online. Make sure to go out and live your life. Your online friends can and should be very important to you. But you are making a mistake when you live your life by sitting in front of a computer rather than experiencing things offline.

  3. If something addicts you, you should have less of it instead of more of it like you want to. That’s the simplest way to put it. 😉

    But yeah I never expected you to pay more attention to online identities than real life Jake 😛

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