Twittering Addicts And O.S.M.O.S.I.S. Sufferers

By Jake • Whilst Browsing The Interwebs • 17 Mar 2009

First let me give credit where credit is due: I first saw this video on the Youtube Reviewed blog. They always seem to be able to find some of the best (and worst) videos on the web. Of corse, they also have plenty of social commentary on my biggest obsession… youtube (and its community). Swing by and check them out.

Moving on.

So, many people have asked me “What’s this twitter thing”. Well, allow this video to explain. Then read my notes following. 

I now realize how sad my life is. 

Twittering can become an addiction. What is it that compels some of us to share so much of our lives on sites like twitter, facebook, dailybooth, youtube, and yes… even myspace. ::shudder:: I wont even try to mention linked-in, bebo, pownce and all the other dark allies of the socialsphere.

Some of you reading this identify with me. You, like me, are an “Internet Socialite.” However, others of you are thinking:

“Oh man, thats so weird. He shares so much private information with the world!”

Or maybe your thinking something like,

“How incredibly vain! Who really wants to know all this stuff?!” 

Well, before you get to critical, let me propose a thought: Perhaps you don’t directly suffer from a twitter addiction, but suffer from O.S.M.O.S.I.S. (Overly Stimulated Mind from Online Social and Informational Sites).

ADMIT IT! You crave information! You might not be the one pumping it out, but you scarf down every tid-bit of info that is thrown at you! You may not

  • twitter ever footstep
  • post a video on youtube of every major and minor event in your life
  • tag everyone you know on facebook
  • stream your entire music listening history on
  • let the world know what you are eating on

But! You DO

  • Surf facebook at work
  • Watch videos when you should be doing laundry
  • Check your friends facebook status on your phone
  • Read details about your friends lives looking for references to yourself.

So you see, we are all sick. We all need to just go outside. Then come home and blog about our experiences (or read about the experiences of others).

7 Responses

  1. Angela

    Though I am not on twitter, and now am convinced never to join, that video was hilarious.

    and I will admit I fall under the O.S.M.O.S.I.S. category

    stumpleupon and facebook have definitely determine my status as a student. aka slacker.

    • oh yes. You can really get lost on the internet with stumpleupon. Bryan (my brother) finds the craziest sites all the time.

  2. angelInstead

    Maybe I’m so sick that I don’t realize I’m sick, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Twitter. Sure, if it becomes an obsession than it’s a problem – but isn’t it the same with everything else? If used in moderation Twitter and other sites of the sociosphere are fun features that keep you connected to the virtual world, entertained and in step with modern technology and progress.

  3. Now that you’ve said what you need to say can I be critical?

    It seems that you presented what are not two separate categories, rather, one (OSMOSIS) is a gateway to the other. I believe there is a healthy amount of giving and receiving that can take place on the interwebs. You incorporate it in your routine in a healthy amount… you know, you consume a bit here and there and you share a bit here and there. But what happens to a person’s life when they are consumed by the amount of information they both give and receive… to the point where their day-to-day life (laundry, work, face-to-face interaction with others, a sure grip on reality, etc.) is diminished by trying to sustain their “virtual lives”?

    Nice post Jake. You are a master of words.

  4. Stephen Hurlbut

    I think I can sort of relate to the wanting to grasp little tid bits of information about people, but I think the main reason I joined Twitter is to create an open conversation with people. I can chat with those people I watch on youtube or have met various other ways. I do think it is ridiculous to go out and narrate every bit of your life(I’m eating oatmeal:P), but sort of the point to write out things that come to your head that maybe you want others to comment on.

  5. wow i love that video!!!
    i am such a twitter addict its not even funny.
    😛 i guess i am a internet socialite.
    wow never thought i’d say that!

  6. woah… facebook on my website!? Cool…

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