Dad Fell Through The Roof

By Jake • General Life, And Other Such Crap • 20 Feb 2009

Ok, know some of you are going to get on me and say “technicly, its a ceiling.” Yeah, sure… good for you… nerd.

I don’t really know what happened, so I don’t have much of a story for you… but boy to I have pictures! You can thank my brother for that.


As if my Mom's closet isn't big enough... it seems dad thinks it needs a higher ceiling.


This is the first time I've actuly posted the face of any of my family members online... so yeah... this is my dad.



Does anyone else think he looks just waaaayyyy to proud of this?



oh look... a hole.


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  1. thats scary!
    funny photos though 😛

  2. angelInstead


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