More Christmas Photos

By Jake • General Life, And Other Such Crap • 6 Feb 2009

Remember a few weeks back (ok months back) I posted a photo gallery from my christmas tree hunt with Mark and Laura?

Well, Laura had some film developed and I thought I would share some of the new ones. :) Enjoy! 

imagine without his sweater and pants.

I bet you had no idea I could be this sexy!



Trying to convince Mark... "this is not our tree!"


I wanted this tree... but Mark said something about it being to small... Thats what she said...


Awwwww! We are so cute! In a... not gay... only roommates... kinda way... That what laura said at least.

Me and the tree.

OK.. so lots of Mark and Jake in this album... It's kinda weird...

Jake and Laura with "Our Kills." Can you guess who's truck this is?

Then we stopped in a random cotton field. Meh.


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  1. my favorite was the second one hahaha
    and boontok’s truck! haha

    amazing plate!

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