Some Sunday Morning Listening (The Ember Days)

By Jake • Whilst Browsing The Interwebs • 1 Feb 2009

The Ember Days

For the last year now, I have been attending a church that meets on Sunday nights. For 20 years of my life Sunday mornings were always consumed with running around and getting ready for church, THEN running around DOING things for church.

This new found free time on Sunday mornings has become a time of weekly quiet and reflection. The one point in the week where I can relax and meditate (meditate sometimes means sleeping).

Morgan Hochstetler (Usticks555) introduced me to this AWESOME worship band The Ember Days. This group has been my music of choice on Sunday mornings… or any other time I want to relax and go into a quiet reflexive mood.

I HIGHLY recommend you check them out. Even if you do not consider yourself a Christian, their music is AMAZING and you might juuuusssst enjoy it.

Find them using the linkage below:

OH! And if you want to know what I’m listening to… check out my lastfm account:

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