A Hunting We Will Go!

By Jake • General Life, And Other Such Crap • 30 Nov 2008

three amigos

Saturday morning Mark (my roommate), Laura (don’t ask, its complicated) and myself drove out to Suffolk to bag a few christmas trees. One for the Garmozeo home, and one for Laura’s house. Our farm of choice was Santa’s Forest & Nursery. It was so much fun!

I can remember going to pick out (precut) trees with my parents and brother as a kid. But picking out a fresh tree… its a whole new experience!  

Our three member sudo family always has a fun time together. I thought I would share a little of the magic.


“Jake Holds The Tree”  Circa 1976

the one     they had to hug it to make sure

A Tree Is Chosen

after the chop

My New Best Friend


Of course… sadly the time will come when our trees will have to be “discarded”. But we have fun with that to. :)


PS: Thank’s Laura for the wonderful pictures!

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  1. Amanda

    Haha! I remember when my parents used to drag me out into the woods to pick out a wild, fresh tree. Laughs. Your hair is fabulous these days. You hugging the tree is my favorite. I see facebook picture. I need to post pictures of my decorated tree.

  2. dude i love these pictures who took them!!! i must know NOW!!!

  3. @Amanda: YES! Post pictures!

    @Morgan Hochstetler: I think all of these pictures were taken by Laura…. except for the first one, that was on a timer.

    Lots of really good pictures in the original facebook album. Check it out.

  4. the pictures are freaking awesome and i am so going to do that with the tree im going to find one and yea… har har har har

  5. great photos! haha
    ive never had a xmas tree picking expirence
    i probably should! and btw your hair looks brown in the photo when you laid on the tree did you dye it?

  6. @Ashley: It’s so much fun! YOu should do it!

    No, I did not dye my hair. A lot of my highlights have grown out. For some reason, the underside of my hair always looks darker. :)

  7. just stumbled upon your missing toe video on youtube.

    I like the cut of your jib!!

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